Off-World Overdrive

A fast-paced action adventure on an uncharted bionic planet.
You play as a prototype kill-bot, being evaluated by your manufacturers on Earth. In order to fulfill your manufactured destiny, kill as many creatures in the least amount of time to get an S+ rating. Or suffer the consequences...

My contribution

  • Level Design
  • Game Design
  • Playtesting


  • Genre: Top-Down Adventure
  • Created in 8 weeks half-time.
  • Game Engine: TGA2D
  • Level Editor: Tiled / .json


Level Design
Gabriel Hector
Niklas Olsson

Casper Mårtensson
Charlie Berner
Edit Hansson
Jens Berg

Jonathan Michaeli
Tobias Grönvall

Albin Canbäck

Disa Persson
Erik Quinn

Alfred Egnér
Henrik Svensson- Dalgren

Veronika Mossum